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This vlog comes featuring a worldwide famous jeweler and master tool maker Bill Pretz as he demonstrates how to form a fluted convex cuff bracelet using his M-100 series stakes. Bill will walk you through the process of forming the cuff into a convex shape and then adding a bit of.

It’s for sure, that the majority of moms still have (and hold dear) the penne and rigatoni necklaces that we’ve made them for Mother’s Day years ago. Now that we’re older and our overall crafting skills have gradually improved, why not make her a more grown-up gift with an equally handmade touch? This DIY rope-coil vessel can be calibrated in size in such a way, that it will fit around any vase of your choice. Simply finish the look with a colorful bouquet, and you’re all set to celebrate…

So what do you need in order to get started? Well, we’re gonna guide you right away!Adam Smith

While the handmade market has been raging for years as of now, the Etsy marketplace has been a relatively new addition to the way you’ve been selling stuff off. The main idea behind the marketplace is providing a good place for thousands of handmade artists for all the variety of categories for their products. So though this niche was pre-occupied at the time by small, niched e-stores, group e-stores and all other types of boards, classifieds and stuff, the Etsy was able to dominate the market in just a few short years. What this meant for the handmade industry as a whole remained to be seen until our days.

The first on the list is the requirement to have the most appealing photos of the items you’re up to selling there. Because let’s face it, when you’re a customer who’s browsing the “handmade wallets” category on Etsy, the first thing besides the title (and obviously the only one, as it is an item’s preview snapshot), is the visual representation of it – hence the image of an item. So making sure that your item actually looks good is basically one of the tipping selling points. Then on, paying attention to your words choice, when you’re putting up a description of the item is just as important, if not more. This is all due to a simple matter of fact, that the item’s description is the very first thing your eyes get fixed on when you hit the single item’s page.

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